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Wii Fit Review: Wii Fit Review By a Formerly Fit Geek

Posted on 19 May 2008 by Jason White

компютриThe balance board for the Wii FitWii Fit Review: Wii Fit Review By a Formerly Fit Geek

This morning from my gym on 60th St. overlooking Columbus Circle I saw that there were a few tents on the Central Park side set up. That particular side of the park is quite beautiful and is usually a hot spot for buskers of all kinds: There are Pedicab hawkers, horse drawn carriage rides, those acrobat guys, and occaisaonally these tent people.

Today it happened to be Wii people showing off the newest addition to Nintendo’s home gaming system phenom the Wii. It is called Wii Fit and it is a bit misleading as one would think that it is a device meant to get you in shape which it will not. However it can play a role in your fitness development if you use it correctly.

I am glad I found this review of the Wii Fit system online at one of my favorite gadget blogs as it is written well, and is a fair assessment.

Actually it is better than I could have written so I have linked to it for you. If you are even remotely interested in getting your body into better shape AND you own the Wii then please read this review.

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An American Fitness Story on TV

Posted on 13 May 2008 by Jason White

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After 10 years as a personal trainer I felt confident that I knew enough about how to get a person into the best shape of their life but not enough about the current state of fitness in America.

It certainly seems like we are in the middle of a near catastrophic decline in physical culture here. Despite radical advances in the technology of fitness we still only have about 14% of the population enrolled in a health club. But I wasn’t satisfied with just some numbers, I needed to find out firsthand what was going on with fitness in the good ol’ USA.

So I grabbed a camera and a mic and headed out to the annual Cub Industry East fitness trade show to talk with fitness entrepreneurs and other professionals to see…

What’s going on in Fitness?

What I found was that fitness technology has improved by leaps and bounds and some people are creating incredible changes in how we approach fitness, interact with fitness equipment, and develop stronger bodies.

And yet we still seem to be a nation with a steadily growing waistline, so I checked out the new fitness gear and asked around this gathering to see what people were experiencing in American physical culture in 2008.

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Finally, a treadmill you can run on!

Posted on 22 September 2007 by Jason White

Treadmill by Life fitness

Life Fitness is now taking orders on their new treadmill with integrated ipod dock. Sweet!

Especially as Apple rocks along with its continual product release cycle the way we are integrating our personal and portable media collection is playing a greater and greater role in our daily lives.

If you browse fitness or geek blogs almost anywhere online you will find that chief among internet people’s complaints about exercise is the boredom or lack of connectivity that working out imposes.

So geeks rejoice! Your days of being bored on a treadmill are over, with Life Fitness’ newest product The Platinum Club Treadmill

Life Fitness is currently taking orders for delivery by November 30th 2007 just in time for you to work off some of those extra Thanksgiving meal calories you love to eat so much.

Using a 15″ screen to access your ipod info is pretty sweet and will make watching any video you have stored there even sweeter. The treadmill also has a port for USB drive (which means you can get better tracking information) and it also has visual representation of the courses you are running on.

It ain’t cheap. But it is pretty cool.

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Jason Getting his Butt Kicked by the Ropes

Posted on 16 July 2007 by Jason White

So the VERY last seminar at this year’s NSCA convention in Atlanta was the best seminar. We had these ropes see…They made a person want to scream they were so challenging. In fact I do pretty much scream in this video. As soon as I get my hands on some ropes all our clients are going to start using them and getting some serious results!

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Thinking about walking

Posted on 12 July 2007 by Jason White

Most of us never actually stop to think about what has to happen inside our bodies and brains in order for us to take a series of steps and walk. We pretty much had that covered by our 24th month of existence. But if you had to think about walking in order to design a robot that could walk you would be surprised at how our bodies and minds handle the task. Head on over to the BBC to read a very cool story about runbot the robot that walks like a human. Then take a moment to reflect on the miracle that is you.

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