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The Surfer’s Lunge

Posted on 17 January 2010 by Jason White

surf lunge

This is one of those moves that is nearly perfect and benefits not only athletes prepping for their workout or sport but also for general fitness enthusiasts getting ready for their weight lifting routine.

The move is executed by lunging one way and reaching back across the other way. The key elements are to stick your rear end out as far as you can, lean forward a bit and lay the inside edge of your foot (on the long leg) on the ground. you will feel a good stretch on the inside of that leg while you fee he opposite glute loading up with your body weight. Spring up to the center and then switch to the other side.

Learn more about this move it is one of the featured moves in the Paddle HARD boot camp in New York City

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Attention Surfers and Paddlers

Posted on 17 January 2010 by Jason White

surf lunge

Paddle: HARD is a one hour bootcamp designed specifically for aquatic athletes that paddle for their sport. We meet twice per week at Elysium Fitness at 117 West 72nd St. 2nd Floor. Wednesday night’s class is at 6:30 pm and Friday night’s class is at 7pm. The class begins with a movement preparation routine that warms up all the muscles and stretches tight areas.

It is followed by a core section that trains abs and low back muscles specifically needed for surfers (most famously and the part of the class with the most groaning is the “swim and pop” – 5 repetitions of simulated surf paddling followed by the all important “pop up” that every surfer needs to master to get in position quickly and efficiently).

We then play the “pushup game” using a medicine ball to challenge core and upper body strength.

The most challenging part of the class is a circuit that focuses on conditioning the pulling muscles needed for your paddle sports. There is simulated rowing, simulated surf paddling, and general conditioning to get you into great shape so that you can be more competitive in your sport, last longer in the water, and have more fun.

We finish with a cool down and stretch. The class costs $30 per session and you can reserve your spot by calling 212-721-1010. You must call to reserve before each class since there is room for only 8 athletes.

The class is taught by Jason White, CSCS a veteran New York Personal Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. He regularly surfs Long Island and is focused on helping as many people as he can to become better athletes and more competitive in their chosen sport.

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