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Wii Fit Review: Wii Fit Review By a Formerly Fit Geek

Posted on 19 May 2008 by Jason White

компютриThe balance board for the Wii FitWii Fit Review: Wii Fit Review By a Formerly Fit Geek

This morning from my gym on 60th St. overlooking Columbus Circle I saw that there were a few tents on the Central Park side set up. That particular side of the park is quite beautiful and is usually a hot spot for buskers of all kinds: There are Pedicab hawkers, horse drawn carriage rides, those acrobat guys, and occaisaonally these tent people.

Today it happened to be Wii people showing off the newest addition to Nintendo’s home gaming system phenom the Wii. It is called Wii Fit and it is a bit misleading as one would think that it is a device meant to get you in shape which it will not. However it can play a role in your fitness development if you use it correctly.

I am glad I found this review of the Wii Fit system online at one of my favorite gadget blogs as it is written well, and is a fair assessment.

Actually it is better than I could have written so I have linked to it for you. If you are even remotely interested in getting your body into better shape AND you own the Wii then please read this review.

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