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An American Fitness Story on TV

Posted on 13 May 2008 by Jason White

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After 10 years as a personal trainer I felt confident that I knew enough about how to get a person into the best shape of their life but not enough about the current state of fitness in America.

It certainly seems like we are in the middle of a near catastrophic decline in physical culture here. Despite radical advances in the technology of fitness we still only have about 14% of the population enrolled in a health club. But I wasn’t satisfied with just some numbers, I needed to find out firsthand what was going on with fitness in the good ol’ USA.

So I grabbed a camera and a mic and headed out to the annual Cub Industry East fitness trade show to talk with fitness entrepreneurs and other professionals to see…

What’s going on in Fitness?

What I found was that fitness technology has improved by leaps and bounds and some people are creating incredible changes in how we approach fitness, interact with fitness equipment, and develop stronger bodies.

And yet we still seem to be a nation with a steadily growing waistline, so I checked out the new fitness gear and asked around this gathering to see what people were experiencing in American physical culture in 2008.

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