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Preaching to the Converted

Posted on 23 February 2008 by Jason White

In this blazingly fast talk from Dr. Dean Ornish you will hear something you probably already heard: Americans are getting fatter. But the there are two very interesting pints about this talk. One is that since we are exporting our culture we are also exporting the diseases we suffer as a result of carrying so much extra weight. Cardio vascular disease is now more prevalent in some places in Africa than the AIDS epidemic. And the part that I am fascinated with is the series of slides that show the rise in obesity in America by state in the 1990’s.

I first saw these slides at the NSCA convention in Las Vegas when Thomas Incledon gave his presentation on how his lab will analyze your blood work to determine your nutritional needs. But he went through them very slowly. Dr. Ornish blazes through them like the rest of his talk so you can see the rise in obesity bloom like a flower. It is fascinating.

The good news…by training with me you are actively participating in your health, and ultimately your wellness, staving off the ill effects of our country’s slow slide into inactivity.

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