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For the (Fit) Boozer in You…

Posted on 28 February 2008 by Jason White


I come from a long line of drinkers. In fact I have a very fond (at first, then terrible later) memory of one Adirondack winter when I was about 6 years old and my father and my uncle were in the woodshed chopping wood. It was a family event and our two families were out in that shed just hanging out.

There’s not much to do up there especially in winter and especially when you have to feed two wood stoves 24/7 to keep the house warm.

So my cousin who was my age exactly suggested we go inside and ask her mother for beer to give to our dads and then just drink the beer ourselves. Mischievous by nature I thought her idea was brilliant and agreed. We almost got stuck when my aunt who was completely unfazed by our request for brewskis asked us which kind they asked for….”uh, uh, uh the green ones!” I stammered. It worked!

Two green bottles in our hot little hands and we tore out of there like we had just stolen The Crown Jewels. Mischievous AND Athletic by nature I immediately went to the shed, stuck the bottle in my teeth, bit down on to the cap (I know, it did hurt), and started climbing the door hinges to the two wooden planks that sat astride the support beams. Those two little slats added up to about 12 inches across of “loft space” and rested there about 10 feet off the ground. Grinning like a soon to be drunken elf I sat to work prying the top off that bottle giggling at everyone’s gaping face holes. I mean they were just so shocked.

The whole thing had happened so quickly, I was fast “he was fast” and I had a beer “where the heck did he get that beer?” I think deep down they were really amused and never thought I would actually pull it off. Nor could any of them climb up there like I did. Top off I drank that whole beer up on that loft and immediately started to wobble. I don’t remember much after that (duh) including how I got down. I DO remember being inside later that evening and everyone basically making fun of me for being drunk and I remember screaming at them to stop and I remember crying because I was so dizzy and I couldn’t shake it.

I guess I sobered up eventually. And this is sort of the long way around to say that: I enjoy drinking. Which is difficult for me because I also enjoy being lean. And if it is one thing I have always told you it is that DRINKING MAKES YOU FAT.

You might enjoy drinking too. I am not the trainer that is going to yell at you for drinking. UNLESS you are trying to lose weight and then we have a problem. It can be reconciled though and I have a secret weapon to juxtapose the two: Remember my Holiday Weight Loss guide on Fox 5 Good Day New York? In it I suggested that you take Vodka on ice if you are trying to lose weight and you really, really want to drink. And then of course I found a cool blog post that supports the idea:

Check out The Low Cal Cocktails on Vital Juice Daily It is a cool post about how to make some choices that will keep you in cups without completely ruining your weight loss efforts.


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