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54 year old woman lifts 173lb dumbbell

Posted on 04 December 2007 by Jason White

I have been friends with Ellen for many years now and for the past several we have traveled together to the annual NSCA convention to learn as much about strength and conditioning as possible.

The video above is really just a goof. She could probably lift that thing 10 or 12 times, and she would have fun doing it.

She is the current world record holder in power lifting for her age and weight class. And her numbers are enviable for any age. Here is a copy of the e-mail she sent after her last meet:

I had a near perfect day going 8 for 9, missing my last bench of 145.

All my lifts were also World records: 275lb squat, 140lb bench and 335lb deadlift

The squat & deadlift were meet PR’s for me.

I weighed in at 128lb as well.

I was awarded the Champion of Champions (best overall female lifter of the entire meet)

The reason I put this video up is just to demonstrate a simple thing.

Ellen started lifting weights when she was 40 Years old.

So, just think about your life for a second and think about how you might like to live it. Whether you are 30 or 40 or 50 it is hard to not get inspired by Ellen as she is living proof that your body is yours to control.


So after I posted this Ellen e-mailed me and said:

“Wait! Don’t forget to tell everybody…”

About my training with Kettlebells and how that has gotten me even stronger and leaner.

The importance of good nutrition and how that has helped me to be as healthy and strong as I am-having suffered from an eating disorder….

Also we need to get my real lifting numbers up there, the ones I have done with gear (knee wraps, lifting shirt etc…) as they are considerably larger and therefore more impressive than the ones I did RAW this past weekend.

Best competition lifts are:

341lb Squat

184lb Bench,

418lb Deadlift

all at 128 lbs bodyweight!

(important to get how tiny I am in there-women shouldn’t fear getting big in order to be strong, yada, yada…)

Perhaps you should mention my World records in multiple federations (AAU, ADAU, IPF, 100% RAW)

And…that I am 6 time IPF Masters World Champion.


Well Ellen we were impressed already, But now even more so. Ellen is also a Personal Trainer and extremely passionate about training and living a healthy life. So if you live out in Brooklyn say hello she would love to hear from you, just tell her I sent you 😉

Ellen Stein: W8lifter222 at

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