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The truth about lunch time…

Posted on 06 November 2007 by Jason White

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Whether you are trying to lose weight or you are trying to make as much muscle as you possibly can you have to come to grips with a fundamental flaw in modern thinking.

We have grown accustomed to thinking about food on a “clock”. In other words ‘well, its lunch time, time to go eat’. Or the opposite: ‘OMG I am not sure I will make it to lunch time I am so HUNGRY’.

The fact is that our bodies cannot tell time. Your eyes may see a clock face and push that information into your processing unit, but it has little to do with your digestive juices (unless you look at the clock and then realize you are late and your stomach turns over)

Our bodies were designed to operate at peak efficiency by digesting a small amount of food every few hours and if you really want to be successful in your body fat battle then you had better start playing by your body’s rules.

Eat regularly throughout the day. Fasting or overly restrictive diets will enable you to lose weight

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