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Being fat can give you cancer if…

Posted on 07 November 2007 by Jason White

Obesity Linked to Cancer

…You are a British woman over the age of 45. But you can probably extrapolate the data collected by the British 7 year study to conclude that the more you work on your health the healthier you will become.

From the BBC New website:

“About 6,000 middle-aged or older women in the UK develop cancer each year because they are obese or overweight, a Cancer Research UK-funded study says.”

This was a fairly comprehensive study and merits your close attention.

“The latest study looked at how often cancers occurred in 1.2m UK women aged 50 to 64 over a seven year period. More than 45,000 cases of cancer and 17,000 cancer deaths occurred during that time.”

This is all at the BBC News website and could give you a tiny kick in the pants. It certainly woke me up. I mean CANCER? Just because I let myself go a little bit? Well the numbers don’t guarantee that but why even take the smallest chance?

Check out that article and then check yourself. It might be time to give us a call.

Beyond the quote one of the doctors left:

” Invest in a healthier lifestyle today and we can reap the benefits of reduced disease risk and longer life tomorrow.” Dr Ian Campbell, Weight Concern. I think the quote by the noted trainer Jack LaLaine is best:

“I am taking care of the most important persoan in the universe: ME.”

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