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113lb Woman Leg Presses 470lbs!

Posted on 09 November 2007 by Jason White

AND she’s over 40 years old! She’ll probably kill me for saying that, but she really does lift a weight that most teenagers these days couldn’t even think about lifting. Moreover, she does it 3 times a week!

This is my client and we have been working together for many years. Her limited range of motion during this exercise is due to the pain she experiences during a fuller range of motion. During knee flexion at higher ranges she gets pain in her knees even at much lighter weight. So over the years we have experimented to come up with the best solution: As much weight as possible in a range of motion that is pain free.

Now it’s not like she just walked into the gym one day and started lifting all this weight, we have been steadily adding weight for many years. This is the result of what is known as a progressive weightlifting program. She calls it “trying” and that additude has brought her all the success in the world: “well, I’ll try” is practicaly her motto.

She also firmly belives in bettering her last and setting new records as often as possible. This has alowed her to control her weight and strength in the manner that she prefers and makes her happiest.

She has missed only a few sessions in years and years of training, something that continues to inspire me to this day.

And how can you not be inspired by these priciples?

> Try
You just never know until you try a new exercise, a different angle, or a heavier weight.

> Try to set a new record
The essence of any time spent in physical development embodies this principle. Your body adheres to a law that dictates it will adapt only to the level of stimulus it receives. So you must provide your body with new challenges every time you practice.

> Attend Every Session
You cannot argue with a 470lb leg press full range of motion or not. IN FACT if you want to see something truly amazing check out this Bodybuilder leg pressing 2,300lbs and notice that he gets about the same range of motion as my client! Guess which one of these two has missed a workout this past year? What about the past 2 years or 5 years? Neither.

One final note:

Weightlifting has been proven to offset and even prevent Osteoporosis and is especially beneficial to women of low bodyweight. Trainer Direct Specializes in safe and effective weightlifting programs that not only burn fat and build stong, lean, bodies but our programs also help stimulate the bone growth neccessary to avoid Osteoporosis.

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