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Ultimate One Legged Squat (jump, balance, and stabilize)

Posted on 22 September 2007 by Jason White

Now you try! Or contact Trainer Direct to get started on your path to jumping and balancing.

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Finally, a treadmill you can run on!

Posted on 22 September 2007 by Jason White

Treadmill by Life fitness

Life Fitness is now taking orders on their new treadmill with integrated ipod dock. Sweet!

Especially as Apple rocks along with its continual product release cycle the way we are integrating our personal and portable media collection is playing a greater and greater role in our daily lives.

If you browse fitness or geek blogs almost anywhere online you will find that chief among internet people’s complaints about exercise is the boredom or lack of connectivity that working out imposes.

So geeks rejoice! Your days of being bored on a treadmill are over, with Life Fitness’ newest product The Platinum Club Treadmill

Life Fitness is currently taking orders for delivery by November 30th 2007 just in time for you to work off some of those extra Thanksgiving meal calories you love to eat so much.

Using a 15″ screen to access your ipod info is pretty sweet and will make watching any video you have stored there even sweeter. The treadmill also has a port for USB drive (which means you can get better tracking information) and it also has visual representation of the courses you are running on.

It ain’t cheap. But it is pretty cool.

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Ten Easy Ways to Get Fat…

Posted on 18 September 2007 by Jason White

1. It

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Worst Diet EVER

Posted on 10 September 2007 by Jason White

For the second time this week someone has asked me about “The Cleanse”.

For those of you who have never heard about this idiot diet it is a 10 day diet where you drink nothing but a “Lemonade” made with maple syrup and cayenne pepper.

The above video does a fairly good job of showing different people and their reactions to “The Cleanse” but the point I would like to make is this:

Your body is not toxic. You are not infested with parasties. You do not have 10lbs of impacted fecal matter clogging up the inside of your colon. Your body is a miraculous self healing machine and is perfectly adapted to your enviromnment.

You do not need to detoxify it EXCEPT to make sure that you’re well fed with lean protein, good fats, green vegetables, and complex carbohydrates.

Then as long as you have enough sleep, low enough levels of stress and the ability to handle said stress, your body will “detoxify” itself on a continual basis.

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How to Get Maximum Weight Loss & Fitness Results In Minimum Time #9

Posted on 09 September 2007 by Jason White

Exercise correctly. So much time is wasted doing, at best, unproductive exercise, or at worst, dangerous exercise. Get educated on how to exercise correctly. And the absolute best way to do that is to hire a personal trainer to develop a program for you and then teach you what to do and how to do it right.

Personal training does not have to be an ongoing process. You can hire a personal trainer for whatever length of time you need to learn the ropes. It could be five sessions, or it could be fifteen sessions. Itикони

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