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Jason Getting his Butt Kicked by the Ropes

Posted on 16 July 2007 by Jason White

So the VERY last seminar at this year’s NSCA convention in Atlanta was the best seminar. We had these ropes see…They made a person want to scream they were so challenging. In fact I do pretty much scream in this video. As soon as I get my hands on some ropes all our clients are going to start using them and getting some serious results!

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Thinking about walking

Posted on 12 July 2007 by Jason White

Most of us never actually stop to think about what has to happen inside our bodies and brains in order for us to take a series of steps and walk. We pretty much had that covered by our 24th month of existence. But if you had to think about walking in order to design a robot that could walk you would be surprised at how our bodies and minds handle the task. Head on over to the BBC to read a very cool story about runbot the robot that walks like a human. Then take a moment to reflect on the miracle that is you.

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Thanks to all at Burson-Martseller

Posted on 11 July 2007 by Jason White

I was quite privileged to work with some great people at a technology firm in Manhattan on July 10th. Everyone was almost happy to get some information on their health and fitness levels courtesy of my Tanita Innerscan Bioelectric Impedance scale. There were some great fitness questions asked and answered and I will illuminate them further in my next posts. Be sure to sign up for updates via rss or e-mail news letter.

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